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8.September 2012


impressum & disclaimer

Howdy, I´m Col. Reb Custer,

and here are some words about my music and myself-

well, the first time on stage at a shooter´s festival near the river Rhine in May 1960, I performed "Marina" as my first song in front of a large crowd. Later some years a member of my school choirs, I loved to sing, and founded a folk and dance-music band and had hundreds of gigs, eventually winning the MGM /Bild promotion band-contest for the movie "Sound of Music" in Hamburg.

Arranging songs for bands, later I had a good time rock&rolling on tour with world star friends "Johnny and the Hurricanes" and promoting the "Sneakers", and found my way to railroad music in London with songs by Boxcar Willie.

Now stories about oldtime and modern railroads and traditional and new country-songs form a tv-series commenced in 1991 and updated now by myself as music composer, entertainer and producer.

One of the first new Country Railroad episodes was produced 2007 in Southern Hungary, the video-clip of "Rollin´ in my sweet Babys Arms".

Later there was the opportunity to make a longer visit to that real country railroad, and I found real good railroad friends and country-music fans. The next year another part of the CRR-DVD got ready, followed by a steam-train-tour. Then there was the Narrow-Gauge-Railroad-Day with hundreds of fans and visitors boarding the trains accompanied by true country-railroads-songs performed by myself and a great bunch of fans, so get the DVD when you visit the RR-souvenir-shop at the Pörböly station !

Now, the Guinness World Record® attempt on country Rail-Roads Bike -Trail Tour at Brahlstorf was with 40 live concerts in 12 hours successfully completed, and that September 2012 day my song "Country Rail-Roads" got honored into the "American Bandstands" Grand Tour and records.

2014 we started renovating the America Line Depot Monument at Ebstorf for country music and museum visits - all aboard !

Yours Reb


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8.September 2012